[Skills] Cut & Paste Vs. Copy and Paste, Why does it even matter

27 Mar 2017 Computer Skills

There is an option that many overlook and always opt for the popular copy selection when really what you want or rather need is that illusive cut option.

Why should I even click it?  I am glad you asked.

Lets say you enter a Patient’s last name in the first name field.  You want to transfer what you just typed over from the last name field to the first name field.  You think you should highlight the text, right click or ctrl+c, delete the text and then paste or ctrl+v in the correct field.  While this gets the job done.

Instead of selecting copy (ctrl+c), you can select cut or ctrl+x which copies the
text AND deletes the text all at the same time.  You can then paste it as you normally would.

So to recap,  select the text and press ctrl+X and then go to the correct field and press ctrl+V

AVOID RIGHT CLICK and then selecting your option.  This is time consuming.  Get familiar with your shortcut keys to speed things up a bit.


Windows: Hold down the CTRL key then click

  • C to copy
  • X to cut
  • V to paste
  • A to select all of the text