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How to download images from PowerReader & print with RapidResults

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If you want to obtain images after you login you have several ways

  1. Export Images using PowerReader
  2. Print images to a PDF using RapidResults
  3. Burn to a CD using PowerReader or RapidResults

Export Images using PowerReader

  1. Login to PowerReader.  If you do not have a login click here
  2. To Export an Image1. Select and open a Study
    2. Click File > Export …. Upon click, the application will open an Export Image window.

  3. 4. Click the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate type of format in which you wish the image to be saved.
    5. Click Save. The image can now be opened with any application that supports the File Type. The available formats are DICOM, JPEG and Windows bitmap.

To Export multiple Images

1. Select the desired images by clicking on it. Hold Shift key for continuous selection, Ctrl key for random selection.
2. All selected images will be highlighted with a solid tiny square box on the top left corner in the viewport of each selected image as shown below.

Print images to a PDF using RapidResults

  1. Login and click on RapidResults.  If you do not have a login,  click here
  2. Search for the patient in RapidResults
  3. Double click the study
  4. Click the print icon at the top of the screen
  5. Select a PDF printer installed on your computer

Burn Images to a CD

  • View the guide here: