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3. PowerReader Install Guide (Full Version)

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  1. Go to the following URL using any browser
      1. Bookmark this URL in your browser as well
    2. Enter your username and password and then click login
      1. This will be provided to you via email
      2. To view a lite web version which does not require an install click on RapidResults
      3. To use the full version click on PowerReader.
        1. If this is the first time launching PowerReader Click on Install App Launcher which will then automate the install of PowerReader (Not Mac compatible)
        2. A download message will display.  Click Save File or go to your downloads folder if it downloaded automatically
        3. Open the file it downloaded which is called RamSoftLauuncherSetup and then follow the prompts to install on your PC.  This could take 1-5 minutes depending on the speed of your PC.
        4. Once you click finish on the install, go back to the URL and click on Power Reader again.
          1. If a box popups asking you to open the link,  check the box that says Remember my choice and then click Open Link.  This will now prompt to install PowerReader for the first time.(You only need to go through all of these steps 1 time )
          2.  Select 64 bit if it gives you that option otherwise 32 bit is fine. Select the modules you need on the left hand side and then click install.  
      4. Each time you want to access either the full (PowerReader) or lite (RapidResults) version you will need to visit the URL in step 1 which will require you to login.
        1. You can access the URL using the bookmark you created in step 1 or after you install PowerReader there will be a shortcut icon installed on your desktop

If you need any assistance please email support