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How to Schedule an MRI Appointment or other Imaging Procedures

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If you are a patient:

If your doctor has already sent us a referral please call us at 818-907-7723 to book your appointment.

If you are a referring physician:

Please send a referral to our scheduling department via one of the methods below:

  • Email:                                           [email protected]
  • Upload your RX file via web:
  • Generate and send via web:
  • Fax:                                               888-715-7001

What happens after Precise Imaging receives the referral?

  1. Our Scheduling team will enter the referral into our scheduling software
  2. The patient is called to schedule their appointment
    1. If the patient is not available we will attempt 2 more times and leave 3 voicemails
    2. The patient will receive an SMS informing them to call Precise Imaging to schedule their appointment
  3. After 3 attempts, a notification via fax or email will be sent to the referrer informing them we could not schedule the patient