Subpoena Records & Fees

Check the status of your subpoena request here

Admin Fee $15
Records Processing Fee $15
Storage & Retrieval Fee $20
Films $15 per sheet
CD Included with every order

    • There is a $15 administrative fee due once a subpoena is served (In person or via mail)
      • Subpoena requests via email or fax are not accepted.
    • There is a $15 processing fee and a $20 storage and retrieval fee due at the time of pick up for any medical records provided
      • Invoice can be provided upon request.
    • To prevent a delay in processing your order, please ensure that all information on the subpoena request is accurate and up to date.
    • When radiology images are requested a cost breakdown summary will be provided for the films
    • Films are produced in the order that payment is received.  All orders will include a CD unless one is specifically declined.
    • Please make sure to include the summary breakdown we provided to you initially when sending in or dropping off  payment for images
    • Pay and pick up is not available for film orders.  Media orders must be pre-paid before picking up.
  • A CD will not be provided without the purchase of films.
  • An automated email will be sent to the corresponding copy service once a subpoena response is ready.
    • Pickup fees, if any will be included in the email

  Subpoena status requests are available at our online portal

Pickup location: 6710 Kester Ave. Suite 126, Van Nuys, CA 91405

Hours for pickup: Wednesday & Friday 10am to 2pm

Please email questions to [email protected]


Last updated:  8/22/2018