[Skills] Quickly switch between open windows on your PC

Running Word, Excel, chrome, RIS/PACS, Medicare billing, calculator(s) and whatever other programs you use daily causing your brain to go a bit crazy?

Fortunately there is a quick and simple way to switch and find the window you need without clicking every icon on your desktop to see if that is the right one.

How do you get this window to popup?  Very easily!


On your keyboard at the same time press the Alt key + the Tab key.  You can then release the tab key and just press the lat key to hold that screen open.


Once you have that screen open you can press the tab button until you get to the window you want and then release the alt button and it will take you to that window.


Or….. use your mouse to select the window you want, just click on the window you want and you are done.


Ok, lets take this one step further.  Do not want to hold down the alt key?  Instead of Alt+tab press alt+ctrl+tab and that window will show without holding any buttons.  Just use your mouse to click what you want.


When you are using your mouse, hover over the window and it will it bring it to the front of your screen so you can see if it is the correct word file or chrome window.  Then just click it and that window will stay in focus.

Play around with these shortcuts and see if it can speed things up for you or at least help find what you are looking for without pulling out all of your hair.