Personal Injury Attorneys and Diagnostic Imaging: A Patient-Centered Approach

Personal injury cases often hinge on great diagnostic imaging, and attorneys can benefit from referring their patients to a provider with experience in the field. While injured patients are free to schedule an MRI or X-ray at a hospital or random imaging center, cases flow much more smoothly when attorneys and their clients choose providers that know how to best assist in the case, while providing excellent, patient-centered care. Here are a few reasons personal injury attorneys should stick to a single preferred provider for diagnostic imaging:


Patients might need to pay for diagnostic imaging with a personal injury lien.


Many medical providers aren’t equipped to handle lien payments. When attorneys and clients agree on an imaging provider prior to injury, they can choose a company that has long years of experience handling personal injury cases, including lien payments — that is, a company like Precise Imaging.


Attorneys often need diagnostic imaging results quickly.


Hospitals sometimes experience lengthy delays before they can schedule a diagnostic imaging procedure. Then, when the procedure is complete, staff radiologists might take days to complete the radiology report. Meanwhile, case deadlines can come and go.


Precise Imaging offers same-day scheduling and quick turnaround times for reports. Radiologists file their reports within 48 hours of the procedure, and usually much sooner, often within just 24 hours.

Not all imaging centers are prepared for letters of protection.


For personal injury cases involving a letter of protection, it’s important to choose an imaging provider that has experience with this legal tool. Precise Imaging has partnered with patients and their attorneys for thousands of personal injury cases, and accepts every type of remuneration, including workers’ compensation, liens, and deferred payment based on a letter of protection.    


Attorneys can simplify client care with a preferred diagnostic imaging provider.


With Precise Imaging for personal injury cases, a single phone call gives attorneys everything they need to win in court. In fact, attorneys never need to pick up the phone to get help for their clients. A specialized attorney web portal provides images, payment information, and case details with full HIPAA compliance. It’s available 24/7, and so is the IT support that ensures everything runs smoothly.


Clients will appreciate the friendly, professional service they receive at any of Precise Imaging’s 70+ locations. They’ll also love the simple scheduling, with evening and weekend appointments available. Attorneys, on the other hand, will find a streamlined approach that simplifies personal injury cases while providing medical details that win in court.


To learn more about Precise Imaging’s commitment to assisting in personal injury cases, or to refer a client today, call 800.558.2223. You can also make an online referral here.