Patient-Centered Arthrograms from the Experts in Diagnostic Imaging


Arthrograms are a vital diagnostic tool for joint injuries. At Precise Imaging, our radiologists have decades of experience in sports medicine, imaging support for attorneys, and partnerships with insurance providers. These specialties have allowed Precise Imaging staff to build significant real-world expertise in every application of arthrography, while providing top-rated patient experiences.  


Our excellent standards of patient care extend to our scheduling process, which is simple, prompt, and flexible. Book an arthrogram today by calling us at 800.558.2223.


Arthrogram Procedures Using MRI, CT, and/or X-Ray Imaging


Depending on the injury or underlying condition, physicians may order arthrograms using one or more of our advanced imaging technologies. Because Precise Imaging is a full-service diagnostic facility, we have the expertise and the equipment to apply physician-directed modalities to any arthrography procedure.


Whether a physician orders MR arthrography, CT joint scans, real-time fluoroscopy, ultrasound, or any combination of these technologies, Precise Imaging can provide quick, highly accurate results.


Because of the frequency of joint damage found in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, arthrograms from Precise Imaging often provide breakthrough evidence. In addition to serving thousands of attorneys, our staff has a long history of working with professionals in a wide variety of fields, including:


  • Cash-price patients
  • Physicians
  • Insurance providers
  • State departments of labor and industrial relations
  • Health care facilities


See how we can help serve you or your patients.  Call us at 800-558-2223 or email us at [email protected]

Patients and professionals require quick turnaround on diagnostic reports, and the resulting images must be as accurate and dependable as possible. We have designed our integrated workflow to deliver on these goals, and we regularly achieve high scores for patient experience.


Arthrography Services with Fast, Convenient Scheduling


Precise Imaging has been able to expand throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona by offering patients flexible and hassle-free scheduling options. We work around the patient’s schedule to return top-quality imaging reports as quickly as possible.


We provide patient-centered scheduling by leveraging our distinct advantages, which include:


  • More than 70 locations, with more on the way
  • On-site, Board-Certified radiologists
  • Facilities that stay open late and on weekends
  • Multiple booking options, including online, phone, and email
  • Service to over 4,000 physicians and attorneys, and growing
  • More than 150,000 satisfied patients


Friendly, caring staff help to create a comfortable setting for every patient. For reliable arthrography services with a positive patient experience, call Precise Imaging at 800.558.2223 today.