MRI technology employs variations in magnetic fields to generate images, avoiding the need for x-rays.

A 3T MRI, denoting 3 Tesla, refers to the strength of the magnetic field used in the scan. With a 3T MRI, the clarity of the images is enhanced, making it ideal for sophisticated imaging techniques. Additionally, a 3T MRI can capture images more quickly and usually requires a smaller amount of contrast agent. Patients have the option to choose between the conventional design or the spacious wide-bore model for a 3T MRI.

The 1.5T MRI continues to be a staple in medical diagnostics, offering both the original design and the expanded wide-bore option.

Closed Bore MRI Machine

Open MRI Machine

Open MRI plays a crucial role for patients who experience claustrophobia or require imaging in specific positions. Our facility features an Open MRI that delivers quality images , but with the added comfort of open sides. Additionally, we offer a Stand Up Open MRI system that allows for an easy “walk in and walk out” experience, with an entirely open front or top, making it particularly suitable for positional imaging and for those with intense claustrophobia.

Top-Rated MRI Services with Quick, Accurate Results

Precise Imaging offers complete MRI services with a fast turnaround, guaranteed image quality, and a positive patient experience.

We operate an extensive network of radiology facilities across the Western states. Our staff includes experienced, board-certified technologists and on-site radiologists. These centralized teams allow us to produce top-quality MRI results as quickly as possible — often within 24 hours.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with a comprehensive range of MRI technologies, from open MRI’s, to high-field 1.5 & 3.0 tesla magnet, closed-bore machines to sophisticated contrast dyes. Friendly professionals will work with you to produce the diagnostic images you need, when you need them.

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MRI Services for Patients, Health-Care Providers, Attorneys, and More

At Precise Imaging, we specialize in working with our colleagues across disciplines. We’ve served more than 4,000 satisfied doctors and attorneys; we even provide convenient online access to legal forms and prescription forms.

We understand the power of diagnostic imaging in a variety of fields, and we bring decades of combined experience working with professionals and patients alike. Our typical MRI clients include:


  • Primary care doctors
  • Attorneys, particularly personal injury specialists
  • Patients, with or without insurance
  • Insurance providers, including PPO and Medicare
  • Health care facilities
  • State departments of labor and industrial relations


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Our 70+ facilities are open late and on weekends, so you don’t have to wait for case-critical images. Precise Imaging radiologists are all certified by the American College of Radiology, which means their work will stand up in court. In fact, our radiologists have been instrumental in personal injury and worker’s comp cases across multiple states.

Why Choose Precise Imaging as Your MRI Provider?

When you need quick, accurate MRI results, we can help. Precise Imaging has been at the forefront of California’s diagnostic imaging industry for 23+ years. As we expand into Nevada, Arizona, and beyond, we bring the same great benefits to even more patients and professionals. The Precise Imaging advantage includes:

  • 70+ locations across three states, with more on the way
  • More than 150,000 satisfied patients
  • 4,000 doctors, attorneys, and health-care professionals served
  • Facilities open late and on weekends
  • Convenient online booking, based around the patient’s schedule
  • Top-rated radiologists and technologists
  • Cutting-edge MRI technology

Precise Imaging provides industry-leading MRI results with quick turnaround times. Call 888.558.2223 for more information.