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Streamlined Medical Imaging Services for Referring Physicians


Refer your patients to Precise Imaging for quick, patient-friendly diagnostics that help you provide top-quality care. Our radiologists partner with general practitioners, chiropractors, and diverse specialists, providing actionable data with every imaging study. We also work with most insurers, including Medicare and most PPOs.  We also work on personal injury cases with liens.
Precise Imaging offers a selection of resources to streamline workflow, from referral to payment, smoothly integrating imaging results within the patient’s individual care plan. Make a simple referral online here, or call 800.558.2223 to get started.



Facilities designed to put patients at ease.  Patients consistently rank us highly for the quality of their experience.


With our single page billing system for insurance or personal injury payment has never been easier.


Instant 24/7 access to our web portal for images and reports.  Very simple to us.  HIPPA compliant.

Resources for Medical Professionals


Our goal is to provide you with prompt, accurate radiology reports so you can focus on caring for your patient. Our physician resources allow us to provide great results without bureaucratic distractions. These resources include:

  • Free, Online Referral Forms – Just fill out our simple referral form to start the process. The form is available here. [LINK] If your patient is nervous about the prospect of an MRI, that’s no problem. We offer open MRI and comforting staff to help patients cope with their anxieties.
  • Physician’s Web Portal – Enjoy instant remote access to reports and imaging results through an easy-to-use web portal. This tool organizes medical information in a simple interface. It works on virtually any platform. And, of course, it complies with all HIPAA privacy rules.  
  • Anytime IT Assistance – Medical professionals learn new technologies every day. Ours won’t present yet another learning curve. We make interacting with all of our online offerings simple with IT assistance. If you run into problems with the portal, the website, or any of our digital tools, call 800-558-2223 to speak with an experienced, friendly IT professional.  
  • Highly Flexible Scheduling – Patients have busy lives. Scheduling with Precise Imaging is never a problem, though, because we offer more than 70 locations as well as evening and weekend hours. Referring physicians can even make same-day appointments when time is critical. Click here to submit a referral, or call us toll-free at 800.558.2223.
  • Simple, Clear Cost Structure – We work with most insurance providers, including Medicare and PPOs, to get your patient authorized quickly.  Our personal injury cases are straightforward and billing is done with a single page.  For patients with high premiums or no insurance, we have an affordable cash-pricing program.
  • Excellent Patient Experience – Our facilities are designed to put patients at ease. All of our professional staff is trained in the latest customer service skills, and our friendly, engaging clinical professionals know how to help patients stay calm and relaxed. Patients consistently rank us highly for the quality of their experience.
  • Complete Diagnostic Imaging Services – By consolidating all the latest imaging modalities at each of our locations, we simplify the diagnostic process. Precise Imaging’s technological capabilities include MRI, X-ray, arthrogram, ultrasound, mammogram, and more. Click here to see our full range of services.


Submit referrals via fax, email or online

Submit your patient referral online today here

You can refer patients in three convenient ways:

  1. Our online referral tool here
  2. Download our RX here and fax a copy to 888-715-7001
  3. Download our RX here and email us at [email protected]

We prefer to talk directly to the patient to ensure we work around their schedule and book them at a facility that is closest to them.  Please have them call us 800-558-2223 to schedule an appointment after you submit their prescription

The price will vary depending on the imaging procedure needed and financial type.  The best way is to call ahead of time and talk to one of our team members at 800-558-2223 for pricing.

Book an appointment for your patient at any of our 70+ facilities. We serve communities all over California, Nevada, and Arizona, and plan to expand into more states in the near future.

Use our simple online referraltool here, or call our scheduling team at 800.558.2223 for quick, accurate medical imaging services.