Digital Radiography, or DR, represents the cutting-edge evolution of x-ray technology. This innovative approach captures images almost instantaneously, akin to a digital camera, while also reducing the x-ray dosage. The exposure levels with this method are often comparable to everyday environmental background radiation, or akin to what one would experience during a transcontinental flight. At Precise Imaging, we’re proud to incorporate some of the most advanced digital x-ray technology in the industry.

The expedited process of obtaining an x-ray means we can offer walk-in service across most Precise Imaging locations.

In instances where multiple examinations are scheduled concurrently, x-ray appointments can be arranged as part of the visit. For any additional inquiries, our scheduling experts are available to assist you.

X-Ray Exam Room

Medical X-Ray Imaging with Quick Digital Access


Precise Imaging gives patients and physicians an easy way to schedule high-quality medical X-rays in an ever-expanding geographic area, including in California, Nevada, Arizona.

Our digital solutions simplify imaging workflow, allowing for integrated success with clinical and business goals.  We also take the extra steps to provide multi-channel access to your diagnostic images, ensuring a positive experience for patients and more flexibility for health-care professionals.


For patients, we offer fast, simple scheduling through 70+ locations. We utilize the latest X-ray technologies to provide efficient, highly accurate imaging, and by working directly with physicians, we ensure that every step of the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Call us at 800.558.2223 to book a convenient appointment at any one of our accredited facilities, or use our free location finder to start scheduling online now.


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Flexible X-Ray Services for Patients and Professionals


Few patients can plan weeks ahead for an X-ray. At Precise Imaging, we strive to meet patients on their own terms, providing expert imaging at the time and place of the patient’s choosing. Each of our facilities consistently earns high ranks for patient satisfaction.

Additionally, we offer a range of benefits, including:


  • Simple, open scheduling, online or by phone
  • Facilities open late and on weekends for patient convenience
  • Fully accredited and highly experienced staff
  • Quick image and report delivery, electronically or via phone, fax, or mail
  • More than 70 locations in a growing number of states
  • Top-quality X-ray technology
  • Web-based portal access for collaborative work
  • Real-time, 24/7 online access for referring physicians
  • Patients can choose CDs of images for their own records
  • 4,000 satisfied doctors, attorneys, and health workers
  • 150,000+ patients served


Whether you need X-ray images for a medical diagnosis, for a personal injury case, or for a worker’s compensation claim, Precise Imaging has the expertise to deliver.


Fast X-Ray Results with On-Site Diagnostic Teams


At Precise Imaging, we have decades of experience partnering with law firms and personal injury attorneys.We also serve the medical community and care for patients directly, and we know that different applications have different priorities.


Legal X-ray services often operate on a tighter schedule. Precise Imaging employs Board-Certified radiologists on-site at our facilities. With these centralized teams, we can expedite both imaging and reporting without sacrificing our industry-leading quality.


We’re committed to delivering the perfect combination of patient satisfaction, image quality, and efficient service. To schedule a medical X-ray or to find out more about Precise Imaging’s network of facilities, contact us at 800.558.2223 today.