Digital Mammography Services with Care, Precision, and Speed


Precise Imaging offers advanced digital mammography services through an extensive network of more than 70 locations. Our facilities are open on weekends and evenings to fit appointments into busy patient schedules, and our on-site radiologists offer prompt turnaround on reports.  


For patients, mammography is often considered an uncomfortable—but extremely important—diagnostic tool. High-quality equipment and a highly qualified staff can make the process much easier for patients while delivering better diagnostic images, and Precise Imaging takes every possible step to ensure quality at every one of our 70+ facilities.


Advantages of our digital mammography services include:


  • The latest mammography technology for high-quality, diagnostically useful images
  • Board-Certified breast radiologists
  • All equipment is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology certified by the FDA
  • Contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM) and tomosynthesis options for definitive diagnoses
  • Controlled costs without sacrifices in quality of care
  • 70+ facilities open late and on weekends for simpler scheduling


Each of our facilities is staffed by caring professionals who will guide patients through every step of the imaging examination, providing informed answers and clear, concise instructions. We take pride in our high patient approval ratings, and our teams can often provide mammogram images in less than 24 hours.


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MRI Services for Various Applications

Precise Imaging has served more than 150,000 patients, and we draw on our substantial experience to provide professional resources for a variety of mammography applications. We work closely with health insurance providers, physicians, and attorneys to create diagnostically actionable images while always holding patient care as our top priority.


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We also control costs and guarantee the quality of our images, ensuring that every patient has access to state-of-the-art digital mammography from qualified clinics. That includes contrast-enhanced diagnostic mammography and breast tomosynthesis, which can help to establish, confirm, or dispute a diagnosis. Since we work with accredited equipment and highly qualified radiologists, every image is accurate, detailed, and responsive to physician concerns.


Scheduling Digital Mammography Services with Precise MRI


We understand that regardless of the exact application or medical need, you need efficient, accurate mammogram services performed by qualified technologists and radiologists. Patients need to work with knowledgeable medical professionals that provide a comforting experience. Physicians, patients, and payors benefit from state-of-the-art mammography equipment, since image quality is the most crucial factor for getting a fast, precise diagnosis.


For years, Precise Imaging has provided California with access to the most reputable mammography facilities available, and we’re pleased to be able to offer these resources to patients in Nevada, Arizona, and other states.

Find out how Precise Imaging can help you obtain high-quality mammography services while containing costs and providing a truly outstanding patient experience. Start scheduling or find out more by calling 800.558.2223 today.