PET Scans with Flexible Scheduling and Excellent Patient Care


PET scans are one of the most important diagnostic imaging procedures a patient can receive, and we’re committed to keeping the process simple and hassle-free. To that end, the team at Precise Imaging takes unique steps to make PET scans as comfortable, efficient, and accurate as possible.


Patient interactions begin with flexible, convenient appointments. Precise Imaging offers scheduling options that go way beyond traditional hospital services. Patients can book a PET scan on weekends or after hours, and we operate a network of more than 70 fully accredited imaging facilities to better serve our communities.


Call our scheduling team at 800.558.2223 to book a PET scan today.


PET Scan Services that Improve Patient Experience

Precise Imaging leverages a wide variety of technologies, practices, and institutional advantages to ensure that every PET scan patient receives the best care available. Every member of our staff offers friendly, caring service, from our scheduling teams to our highly qualified radiologists.


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Patients enjoy industry-leading value as well as the benefits of a Precise Imaging facility, including:


  • Extended facility hours for greater scheduling flexibility
  • More than 70 locations across California, Nevada, and Arizona
  • Web portal access for patients as well as physicians
  • Integrated technology solutions for clinical and business processes
  • IT staff, available 24/7 to assist with digital services
  • On-site, Board-Certified radiologists at each facility
  • Comprehensive diagnostic solutions under one roof
  • Friendly, helpful staff at every level
  • 150,000 satisfied patients, with more every day


We help physicians provide outstanding health care services by preparing detailed, personalized reports on-site and without delay. We make the results of our PET scans available to patients and physicians quickly, digitally or through conventional means.


PET Scans with Advanced Image Fusion  


While traditional positron emission tomography procedures reveal subtle chemical interactions within a patient’s body, some diagnoses benefit from co-registration with computed tomography imaging.


At Precise Imaging, our radiologists are required to maintain Board Certification with the American College of Radiology. Ongoing education is a condition of this certification, so our radiologists are always familiar with the latest imaging techniques and technologies.


No matter how complex or simple a given PET procedure may be, our staff provides accurate, information-rich results without lengthy wait times. Visit our easy-to-use location finder to get started. If you’re ready to schedule a PET scan today, book online, or call us at 800.558.2223.