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Medical Imaging Resources for Legal Professionals


Highly accurate medical imaging is central to a successful personal injury case. Precise Imaging has a long history of providing case-making diagnostic images via MRI, X-ray, and other leading imaging modalities.


Radiologists at Precise Imaging understand that legal context is an important part of the clinical framework in these cases. We work with patients, attorneys, and payors to make sure results arrive in time, with clear, high-definition imaging, with or without a lien.
We have compiled a list of helpful resources for attorneys, especially those involved in personal injury cases. If you have any direct questions about how Precise Imaging can help plaintiffs and their attorneys, call us at 800.558.2223.  

  • One call for all your client care needs
  • Hand-picked, highly experienced providers
  • Centralized management of all your cases
  • Negotiation Assistance & flexible statements
  • Over 70 Convenient locations
  • Online 24/7 Web Portal Access


Expanded Network & Technology

By leveraging our expanded facility network we will send your client to a location that works best for them.

Attorney Resources for MRI and Other Medical Imaging Services


Streamline your next personal injury case with convenient access to Precise Imaging tools and benefits, including:

  • Personal Injury Lien – Why draw up a new document when we offer free, immediate access to this vital legal tool? Access to common files needed to download such as a lien. It conforms with federal and state laws and will be recognized by any court in the land.
  • Letter of Protection for Personal Injury – Precise Imaging’s experienced teams provide crucial diagnostic procedures under an attorney’s letter of protection. Insure that your clients get the care they need without a protracted battle with insurers.  
  • Attorney Web Portal – Log in to view client medical records and imaging procedure results. Our web portal provides 24/7, HIPAA-compliant access to patient information that can ensure your case’s success. This portal is compatible with all commonly used platforms, from desktops to tablets. Our unique interface aligns the resources that make up the core of your personal injury case, organizing information in a clear, easy-to-follow format.
  • Results When You Need Them – We can expedite imaging results to make sure you’re ready for any court date. Schedule a same-day MRI, X-ray, or other diagnostic procedure, and access the results within 24 hours.
  • Full IT Support – Your client’s medical information is no good to you if you can’t access it remotely, whenever necessary. We ensure dependable functionality, but if you run into a problem, our dedicated IT staff is always available to help. Call Precise Imaging’s help desk at 800-558-2223 for friendly, efficient assistance.


Building a better relationship

Our dedicated staff at Precise works hard to ensure you and your client have a comfortable & affordable experience.


Full Reports within 48 Hours

We expedite your client’s reports so you can focus on their case and progress to the next step.  Reports are available digitally.

Reliable Evidence for Personal Injury Cases


Precise Imaging operates more than 70 facilities across California, Nevada, and Arizona. Each location offers a full range of medical imaging services, including MRI, X-ray, and PET scans. Click here to view our full list of services.


Precise Imaging radiologists maintain Board Certification with the American College of Radiology. They prepare detailed personalized reports for each patient, and can consult with attorneys to get the most value out of results. Many of our radiologists have experience acting as expert witnesses, and can assist you with a deposition, testimony, or on-the-record expert opinion.
Call Precise Imaging at 800.558.2223 to refer a client or refer your client online here.