Patient-Centered Medical Imaging Close to Home

At Precise Imaging, the patient is our first priority. All of our services are designed to improve patient comfort, convenience, and, ultimately, clinical outcome.

To that end, we have compiled a list of resources patients can use to plan their diagnostic procedure. Start here, whether you need an MRI, a CT scan, an X-ray, or any of the other imaging modalities we offer.

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Medical Imaging Forms for Patients

Prepare for your upcoming visit by filling out these patient forms on your own schedule via the patient portal here

  • Demographics
  • Questionnaire
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Patient Responsibility

How to prepare for an MRI exam:

Get answers instantly to most questions

Visit our FAQ page or chat with our bot to get answers to most questions.  If you still need help call or text, 800-558-2223


Full range of options available

We offer a full range of billing options to ensure you get the right care and at a fair price.


Guaranteed Confidentiality

We adhere to HIPPA’s scrict set of privacy standards and go beyond to ensure your 100% privacy.

Guaranteed Confidentiality for All Personal and Medical Information

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 set a series of strict privacy standards for health care providers. We comply fully with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, but we don’t stop there when it comes to patient confidentiality.

We offer patients and referring physicians protected access to medical information through secure web portals. You and your doctor retain easy access to sensitive medical information, but our robust safeguards hide all information from unauthorized viewing.

Patient Rights at Precise Imaging Facilities

You are the most important member of your own health care team. At Precise Imaging, we follow all state and federal laws protecting patient rights, placing final health care decisions in your hands.

As a patient of Precise Imaging, you are guaranteed the following rights:

  • A full understanding of the purpose of your imaging procedure, including potential alternatives.
  • Clean, safe, and comfortable facilities.
  • Respectful, compassionate treatment by all staff.
  • Protection of privacy, including medical information.
  • Full disclosure of all costs and billing options.
  • A detailed explanation of imaging reports.
  • Access to images and reports generated at Precise Imaging.
  • Care from fully licensed and Board-Certified professionals.
  • High-quality medical imaging.

If you have any questions about your medical imaging procedure, just ask. Our technologists and radiologists are always happy to explain any aspect of the work that we do.  


Our dedicated staff is here to help you

If you have any questions before scheduling an appointment, about an exam or how to prepare for your appointment, our team members are here for you.  You can reach us at 800-558-2223

Precise Imaging Billing Information

We offer a full range of billing options to make sure you get the care you need at a fair price. Payment methods include:

  • Virtually any insurance plan, including PPO
  • Medicare
  • Personal injury liens
  • Orders of protection
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Payment via cash, check, or credit card
  • Special cash prices for patients without insurance
  • Structured payment plans

If you have questions about payments or patient rights, or you wish to book an appointment today, call our specialists at 800-558-2223.