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Frequently Asked Questions for Patients


Do I need an order or referral from a doctor or chiropractor?

Yes.  An order is a written referral from your referring physician / provider or chiropractor and is required prior to scheduling your exam/appointment.

Can I use my order that was made out to an alternate imaging company?

Yes, patients often choose to use Precise Imaging over other imaging facilities.

Can I use an out-of-state order?

Yes, you can use an out of state order. We will just need the physician’s name, address, phone, fax or email, and NPI number.

Can I use an out-of-country order?

Yes, we will just need the physician’s name, address, phone, fax or email, and NPI number.

How long is the referral good for?

Most orders are good for one year.

Can I self refer?

No. An order is a written referral from your referring physician or chiropractor and is required prior to scheduling your exam/appointment

How do I send a referral / RX?

If the referring physician provided the referral/rx to you,  you may email us the referral to [email protected] or text a picture of the referral to 818-629-1169

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment please contact our scheduling department at 818-629-1169

How do I reschedule my appointment?

To re-schedule an appointment please contact our scheduling department at 818-629-1169

You can also text us that you are cancelling your appointment.  Please provide 3 new dates and times that work for you so can we reschedule you.

To avoid a cancellation fee, you must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

What date or time is my appointment?

Appointment reminders will be sent via text message with your appointment date and time.

Where is my appointment?

Appointment reminders will be sent via text message with your appointment address.

How early do I need to arrive?

Typically you need to arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment time.  We will send a text message that will include the time you should arrive.

Do you have a list of all your facilities?

You can view all of our locations/facilities at

Do I have to schedule an appointment for my X-RAY?

Most locations allow X-RAYS on a walk in basis, which means you can simply walk in during operating hours with your referral and have your X-RAy exam performed right away.  Check which locations offer walk-ins here

How do patients receive instructions for preparation before their imaging?

We will send you a text message 3 days before you exam with details on how to prepare for your exam, the time, and location.  We will send an additional reminder the day before as well.


Will I be exposed to radiation?

Yes, X-rays use a small amount of radiation to create images of your body, but the risk is generally low.

Can I bring someone with me during the X-ray?

Usually, visitors are not allowed in the X-ray room to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation.

What should I wear to an X-ray appointment?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You may be asked to change into a gown for certain types of X-ray exams.

What if I'm pregnant or could be pregnant?

Always inform your technician or doctor if there is any possibility that you are pregnant before having an X-ray.

What is an X-Ray?

An X-ray is a quick, painless test that produces images of the structures inside your body, particularly your bones.

How long does an X-ray take?

Most X-rays are completed within a few minutes, depending on the area being examined.

Is an X-ray painful?

No, an X-ray itself is painless. Some positions you might need to hold during the test could be uncomfortable.

Can I eat or drink before an X-ray?

Yes, you can eat and drink as normal before most X-ray exams unless you are told otherwise by your doctor.

Do I need to prepare for an X-ray?

Generally, no special preparation is needed, but you may be asked to remove jewelry or wear a hospital gown.

What are your hours for X-Ray exams?

Each location will vary. Some are even open on nights and weekends.  Please visit our locations page to view hours and services

How long is the wait for walk-in X-rays?

We use digital X-Rays which greatly increases the speed of X-Ray exams.  Wait time should be very minimal.

CT Scan

What is a CT scan?

A CT or CAT scan is a diagnostic medical test that uses X-rays and computer technology to create detailed images, or scans, of the inside of the body.

Is there a different between a CT scan and a CAT Scan?

Nothing.  They are the same thing.

What does CT or CAT stand for?

Computed tomography.

How should I prepare for a CT scan?

Preparation can vary depending on the type of scan. Generally, you might be asked to fast for a few hours if a contrast dye is to be used and to remove any metal objects.

Can I eat or drink before a CT scan?

You should follow your doctor’s instructions; typically, you may be asked to not eat or drink for several hours before the scan if a contrast material is to be used.

Is a CT scan painful?

No, a CT scan is a painless procedure. However, you might experience some discomfort from lying still during the scan or from the placement of an IV if contrast is used.

How long does a CT scan take?

A CT scan is generally quick, ranging from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the area being scanned and the number of images needed.

What is contrast, and why might I need it?

Contrast is a special dye that can help improve the clarity of the images. It may be given orally or intravenously, depending on the type of scan. Contrast for CT scans are iodine based

How long does a CT scan take?

A CT scan is generally quick, ranging from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the area being scanned and the number of images needed.

Will I be exposed to radiation?

Yes, CT scans use X-rays, which causes radiation exposure. It is generally considered safe, but always inform your doctor if you are pregnant or may be so.

What if I’m allergic to the contrast material?

If you’ve had a prior reaction to contrast dye or have allergies to iodine or seafood, inform your doctor. Alternative contrast or pre-medication may be considered.

Can I take my regular medications before a CT scan?

Usually, you can continue taking your regular medications, but some may need to be stopped before the scan. Always check with your doctor.

Medical Records

How do I get my report

Once your report is ready, we will email/fax the report to your referring physician.  Please call us at 800-5558-2223 or you may request a copy via email at [email protected]

Can I get my images and/or report on a CD?

During your exam a CD will be provided to you.  If you need another CD,  please fill our the records release form here

Can a family member/friend pick up my records?

Yes, as long as you list them on your records release form.  They will also need to provide a valid ID.  You can fill out the form here

Will the radiologist call me to go over the results?

No,  the radiologist reviews your images and generates a final report.  The final report is then sent to your referring provider whom will discuss the results with you.

How long does it take to get my report?

We try our best to expedite all reports to your referring provider within 24-72 hours.

Will you send my report to my referring provider?

Yes, as soon as we get the report from the radiologist we will fax or email the report to your referring provider.

Can you send the report to my primary physician?

To have reports sent to a physician or provider, other than the one who ordered the study, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-558-2223

MRI Exams

What locations have an Open MRI

We have several locations with OPEN MRI’s as well as wider bore closed MRI’s that are more comfortable for claustrophobic patients.  View the list here and filter for Open MRI

Can I get an MRI if I have piercings?

Yes, simply remove your piercings prior to your exam.  If you cannot remove them, notify the technologist performing the exam and they will instruct you further.

Can I listen to music or watch a show during the MRI?

Some locations are equipped with MRI safe headphones or monitors.  You cannot bring your own devices into the MRI exam room.

What is the difference between an MRI and a CT?

CT scans and MRIs are both imaging tools used in medical diagnostics, but they use different technologies and are suited for different situations:

  • CT Scan: Utilizes X-rays to create detailed pictures of organs, bones, and other tissues. It’s particularly useful for quickly surveying the entire body to detect abnormalities in both bone and soft tissues like pneumonia, tumors, or fractures. It’s often the first choice for staging cancer and is good for imaging bone fractures and looking for internal issues like bleeding or blood clots​​.
  • MRI: Uses radio waves and a powerful magnet to generate detailed images inside the body. It excels at showing diseases that CT scans may not detect, like certain cancers (prostate, uterine, certain liver cancers), and better displays metastases to the bone and brain. MRI is also used for non-cancer-related imaging, such as injuries to soft tissues or joints and diseases of internal organs like the brain, heart, and digestive organs

What type of contrast is used for an MRI?

MRI contrast is gadolinium based.  These contrast agents improve the visibility of internal body structures during an MRI, as gadolinium alters the magnetic properties of nearby water molecules, enhancing the quality of the images, thus improving the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic images

What is an MRI?

An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a diagnostic procedure that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body.

How should I prepare for an MRI?

The most important things to prepare for an MRI are:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • You may be asked to change into a gown if the clothing is not suitable
  • Use the restroom just prior to the exam
  • Remove all jewelry and metal items such as hair clips, hearing aids, dentures, watches, phones
  • Tell the technologist if you have ever worked with metal such as car shops, grinding, welding, etc.

Can I eat or drink before an MRI?

Yes, unless your doctor has provided additional instructions such as fasting before a specific exam or contrast injection

Will I need to change into a hospital gown?

Yes, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown to avoid interference from metallic objects like zippers or buttons.

How long does an MRI take?

An MRI can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the part of the body being imaged and the number of images needed. If you move during the MRI, this will require the tech to redo certain images, increasing the scan time.

Is an MRI painful?

No, the MRI procedure itself is painless. However, staying still for a long period might be slightly uncomfortable.

Can I have an MRI with metal implants?

Some metal implants can interfere with the MRI machine. Always inform your doctor, scheduling department or technologist about any metal implants, as they will determine if it’s safe for you to have an MRI.

Will I hear noise during the MRI?

Yes, MRIs are known for loud knocking or thumping noises during the procedure. You will likely be offered earplugs or headphones to help reduce the noise.


I am not sure if I can handle an MRI, what does the machine look like?

Is there a patient portal I can use to digitally fill out all my forms, view images and reports?

Yes, most forms such as upload ID, sign liens, screening questions can be filled out digitally or electronically via the patient portal. You can also view your exam details such as time, location, view reports and images.

I lost my drivers license or photo ID, can I still have my exam performed?

Yes, just bring an alternate ID that has a photo of you such as passport, greencard, school ID, Costco ID, gym ID.  If we already have your ID on file you do not need to bring it again.  You can upload your ID ahead time on the patient portal

How long will my exam be?

Every exam type varies in time, by machine and by the body part.  View our services page to see the typical times.  Also, when you are scheduling your appointment you can verify the actual exam time.

Can I bring my service or emotional support animal?

Yes, but you must bring an additional person to watch them as they cannot go into the exam room.

Do you provide transportation?

Sorry, no we do not.

Are you open nights or weekends

Yes, many facilities are open at night or on the weekends.  Please check the locations page and view hours.

Are you closed during lunch time?

Some offices close during lunch time.  Please check the locations page and view hours.

Where can I find a list of locations and site hours?

Please check the locations page to view a full list of facilities, services that location has, and their hours.

Is there a weight limit for my exam?

Weight limits vary by location and by the exam being performed.  Please check the locations page to view any noted weight limits. If you are unsure please call our scheduling to get more guidance at 800-558-2223.  You can also text us as well with any questions.


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