Ultrasound Services from a Leader in Diagnostic Imaging

Scheduling an ultrasound with Precise Imaging provides unparalleled flexibility. Our staff consistently receives top rating for patient satisfaction. And after the procedure is complete, our Board-Certified radiologists generate reports on-site so that physicians have the diagnostic data they need as quickly as possible.


From beginning to end, ultrasound services from Precise Imaging offer patients and their doctors the greatest combination of quality, efficiency, and value.


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Ultrasound Services with a Comprehensive Range of Benefits


Precise Imaging leverages the latest technological solutions to align clinical, business, and patient-centered goals. For more than 20 years, we’ve built networks that allow us to provide the most convenient scheduling for ultrasound recipients with the highest-quality service in the West. Our advantages include:


  • Capability to complete any type of ultrasound imaging procedure
  • A network of more than 70 facilities to simplify patient access
  • Weekend and evening hours for greater scheduling freedom
  • A 24/7 IT staff to assist patients and physicians
  • Real-time, collaborative access to ultrasound results
  • Web portals for patients and health care providers
  • 100 percent of our radiologists are Board Certified
  • Decades of experience assisting attorneys
  • More than 4,000 physicians and attorneys served
  • 150,000+ satisfied patients over a 23-year history

The patient’s well-being is our number one concern. We also offer extensive experience partnering with legal professionals and insurers to provide case-making diagnostic images, including ultrasounds.


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Ultrasounds to Meet Virtually Any Clinical Goal


Ultrasounds, sometimes called sonograms, are most commonly known as an obstetrical tool. Of course, they have many other clinical applications.


The medical professionals at Precise Imaging have deep expertise in every common ultrasound imaging procedure, and can provide physicians with diagnostic reports based on any of them, including:


  • Ophthalmic ultrasound, imaging for ocular structures
  • Fetal ultrasound, imaging of a fetus within a mother’s uterus
  • Echocardiogram, safe imaging for the heart
  • Doppler ultrasound, to observe the flow of blood
  • Doppler fetal heart monitoring
  • Ultrasound of the breast, imaging for breast tissues
  • Bone sonometry, measuring the fragility of bones
  • Abdominal ultrasound, safe imaging of organs and tissues in the abdomen


No matter what type of procedure a physician orders, Precise Imaging will return a detailed, personalized report. All of our radiologists are Board Certified by the American College of Radiology, and they all work on site, providing quick turnarounds with expert conclusions.


To schedule an ultrasound, or to learn more about diagnostic services from Precise Imaging, call us at 800.558.2223.