We Accept Cases on Lien


Medical Imaging Services for Personal Injury Liens and Workers’ Compensation Liens

When an individual requires treatment on a letter of protection or a lien, Precise Imaging offers dedicated assistance with fast scheduling, superior patient support, and actionable diagnostic images.  We offer Personal injury MRI’s, XRAY, CT, Ultrasound or any other diagnostic imaging technique required for that case.

We understand that personal injury cases need careful treatment from experienced medical professionals. Our goal is to help patients obtain accurate, definitive diagnostic information, allowing them to fully focus on their recoveries.

That also means providing attorneys with accurate diagnostic images so that they can create the best possible legal representation for their clients. Radiologists at Precise Imaging have years of experience working with attorneys, and our staff is uniquely qualified to help personal injury cases succeed. Advantages of working with Precise Imaging with a personal injury lien include:


We can handle your entire case load

If you have 1 or 100 cases, we can handle all of your cases for you.  Our dedicated scheduling, management and IT team work hard to ensure your clients are well taken care of.  Give us a call today 800-558-2223

  • Fast, Simple Scheduling – Efficiency is always an important factor, but liens can sometimes inhibit patient care by drawing out the diagnostic process. Through more than 70 facilities, Precise Imaging offers an unsurpassed scheduling experience; many facilities are open on nights and weekends, and all offer the same exceptional quality of care.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy for MRIs, CT Scans and MoreOur state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment is accredited by the American College of Radiology and certified by the FDA. We present our images with clarity and confidence, providing access to experienced Board-Certified radiologists so that legal professionals can offer their clients the best possible guidance.
  • Convenient Medical Imaging Delivery Options – Receive clear, actionable images on compact discs, film, or other formats of secure media. We’re experienced with personal injury liens and understand how to handle potential evidence appropriately.

    Same-day reporting is available in most locations, so patients and attorneys aren’t forced to wait for results.
  • Full Range of Imaging Modalities – Many of our locations are equipped with a wide range of imaging technologies, from dual-focus X-ray tubes to open MRI machines and high-Tesla, closed-bore MRI scanners. This flexibility allows us to provide case-changing diagnostic images using virtually any modality. Our radiologists prepare detailed, accurate reports, whether referring doctors orders an MRI, CT scan, X-ray, or any other type of medical imaging.
  • Patient-Oriented Approach – When working with personal injury and worker’s compensation liens patients, we offer an exceptional level of care for simple, stress-free imaging. We take pride in our high patient approval ratings and work to ensure the same excellent experience for every individual.

Legal professionals trust Precise Imaging to deliver accurate imaging services with dedicated patient support. We have served more than 150,000 patients and we currently offer imaging resources in several states including California, Nevada, and Arizona.  If you have a personal injury case and need a procedure such as an MRI, XRAY or CT we are ready to serve you.


Schedule Medical Imaging for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Liens


Whether you’re an attorney or a patient, Precise Imaging can provide the answers you need and guide you through our simple scheduling process. Find out more by calling 800.558.2223 today or fill out our online referral form here.