CT, or computerized tomography, constructs three-dimensional images of internal body structures. It employs a rotating x-ray beam to capture detailed imagery. CT scans are versatile, used for imaging various body parts such as the brain, neck, abdomen, pelvis, joints, and blood vessels, including the coronary arteries through coronary CTA. At Precise Imaging, we’re at the forefront of employing state-of-the-art protocols alongside advanced hardware and software to both minimize radiation exposure and produce the most defined images. The radiation dose from a chest CT scan is now on par with that of a digital chest x-ray, with both procedures completed in mere seconds.

CT Exam Room and Machine

Book a CT Scan with Personalized, Highly Detailed Reporting


CT scans are the gold standard for diagnosing internal injuries resulting from trauma. That makes them particularly valuable for personal injury cases, worker’s comp claims, and traumatic brain injury diagnoses.  


At Precise Imaging, we focus on working with professionals from the medical, legal, and insurance fields to provide specialized reports that address your concerns. We integrate every level of patient care, from services to reporting to billing, using the latest software solutions. Our IT staff is available 24 hours a day, so physicians and legal teams maintain constant access to the valuable results of a CT, or computed tomography, scan.


In addition to the accuracy of CT results from Precise Imaging, we offer patients a smooth, relaxing experience. They can choose any of our 70+ locations, minimizing time away from home or work, and our scheduling staff works hard to accommodate busy schedules. We keep our facilities open on weekends and evenings expressly for that purpose.
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What Makes CT Scans from Precise Imaging Stand Out?


Our unique approach to patient care aligns three important goals of diagnostic imaging: positive patient experience, flawless image quality, and excellent value.


The following factors help Precise Imaging excel in all three categories:


  • Convenient, simple scheduling
  • More than 70 locations in a growing geographic area
  • Facilities that are open late and on weekends
  • Specialization in legal applications of CT results
  • 4,000 physicians, attorneys, and colleagues served
  • 150,000+ satisfied patients, with more every day
  • Advanced CT scanning technology
  • Board-certified radiologists that complete reports on site
  • Prompt delivery of CT scan results


We operate a growing web of top-rated facilities across California, Nevada, and Arizona. Soon we’ll open locations in even more states. For high-quality CT scans with quick turnaround times, contact Precise Imaging today.


Cutting-Edge CT Scanners for Optimal Speed and Image Quality


CT scanning technology — both hardware and software — continues to evolve rapidly. Radiologists at Precise Imaging follow the innovations closely, ensuring that our facilities are equipped with the newest and most-reliable equipment available.


This dedication to the latest technology can reduce procedure times, improve image resolution, and supply physicians with more options for delivery and study.


Our on-site radiologists maintain Board Certification with the American College of Radiology, which requires ongoing education and professional development. When you choose Precise Imaging to provide your CT scan, you can be confident that you’ll benefit from the latest that science has to offer.
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