Total focus on patient care and technology

What Makes Precise Imaging Unique

Why Precise Imaging?


Precise Imaging delivers excellent experiences for patients and physicians by leveraging the power of networks, including a growing community of facilities. Our 70+ locations allow us to provide unprecedented flexibility in patient scheduling; we even offer same-day booking on receipt of a referral.


Meanwhile, our integrated IT platforms create value-enhancing links between patients, health care providers, insurers, and our own staff. Engaged patients have better outcomes. That’s why we offer web portals for patients as well as remote online access to results for physicians.


Finally, we navigate the web of insurers, state agencies, and other payors to deliver simple and controlled cost structures. Providing value frees patients and their physicians to prioritize health. We share that goal.


How Precise Imaging is Different


Patients and referring physicians have a choice about who they turn to for diagnostic imaging services. At Precise Imaging, our mission is to build strong relationships with referring physicians by optimizing patient care. We developed a clinical workflow that improves comfort, leading to better outcomes. We provide:

  • Flexible, patient-friendly scheduling.

We have more than 70 facilities in California, Nevada, and Arizona alone, and we’re always looking for new partners. These facilities offer after-hours appointments and stay open on weekends. Patients can book procedures whenever and wherever it’s convenient to them. Our lines of communication are always open; we offer scheduling via email, phone, fax, and through our easy-to-use location finder.

  • Proven expertise.

Every radiologist at a Precise Imaging facility maintains Board Certification with the American College of Radiology. This designation carries stringent requirements, including continual medical education. Professionals at Precise Imaging stand at the leading edge of medical science to provide the most accurate diagnostic services available.

  • Prompt reporting.

Our radiologists work on-site at the diagnostic facility. That provides instant collaboration with technologists and immediate access to fresh data. Online delivery systems transmit detailed radiology reports to physicians quickly, with an average turnaround of less than 24 hours.

  • Outstanding patient experiences.

Precise Imaging staff provides compassionate, professional care that puts patients at ease. Our facilities are designed for comfort, eliminating frustration and anxiety so patients can focus on their health. We offer a full range of open MRI technologies for claustrophobic patients, and our online platforms provide continuous outreach and education.

  • Ongoing technology investments.

Radiology and nuclear medicine are very much living sciences. As research accumulates, we adapt, replacing less-effective technology as soon as new generations of tools arrive. Our workflow software remains at the very top of the field. Second only to direct investments in patient care, our budget continually renews our technological edge.

  • Top value for services.

We strive to keep health care costs down, eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining workflow with sophisticated digital tools. At the same time, we provide a level of skill and professionalism to achieve a premium level of care.


Decades of Experience, Ongoing Learning


Precise Imaging started as a leader in the California medical imaging market. In the course of 23 years, we’ve expanded into two other states, added dozens of facilities to our network, and served more than 150,000 satisfied patients.


We’ve also developed expertise in working with colleagues across disciplines, and have provided case-winning work for more than 4,000 attorneys and physicians. But our education is far from over. We continue to follow the latest research and technological innovations to provide better care with each passing year.  


When you need high-quality medical imaging with quick access to results, call Precise Imaging at 800.558.2223.